Hi there. Welcome to Travelling Platypus! Glad to have you here.

We, Travelling Platypus (Hiro; husband, and Nazomi ) are Japanese couple, who love to travel! We are passionate about travelling and anything comes with it. We quit our jobs this year (2016) and started our journey on creating the life we love, which mostly based on travels. Our journey has just begun, and we don’t really know which direction we are going to. But there’s one thing, just one thing we’re sure about, is that we are happy together and we try our best to listen to what our hearts have to say (and of course put it into action as well!).

We will put our passion for travelling into Blog posts here.
Posts will be mainly by Nazomi (me).
As we are currently travelling in South America,
we’d love to talk mostly about it for awhile.
But there’s much more we want to share with you later on!

Anyway, enough talking for now.
We’ll be more than happy to receive your feedback and suggestions.
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Travelling Platypus; Hiro & Nazomi